WIFI Systems

High Performance WiFi Network Systems

You should consider a professional wifi system if:

  • Your building has/will have a lot of metal in its construction
  • It is a period property with thick internal walls
  • You are having underfloor heating with aluminium reflectors
  • Your walls or ceilings will be built with
    • Foil backed plasterboard
    • Celotex/Kingspan/similar polyurethene insulation with foil coverings
    • ‘Space foil’ type insulation products
  • You expect to use a large number of portable devices
  • You want to stream HD video to devices that are far away from your wireless router
  • You already have a router and are struggling with drop-outs

AV equipment and control systems rely increasingly a robust wifi network. To ensure that this is provided, we have tested a number of systems to arrive at a reliable solution.


Propogation of wireless signals depends hugely on building layout and construction. For every whole-home wifi network we perform a site survey to collect real propogation and attenuation data for proposed access point locations. This means that we know exactly how far each access point will reach and can then ammend the design to fill in any holes.

The survey data is presented to you as a report with signal level overlayed on the floor plans.


Basic multi access point wireless networks do not roam well. It is up to the client device to decide which access point it connects to and many will latch on to an access point even if others are available with stronger signals.

Our wireless networks use a ‘controller’ which takes charge of roaming. It makes sure that devices are always connected to the most appropriate access point. This ensures best performance and completely gapless roaming.


Our wireless networks are compatible with B, G, N and AC devices and operate in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, ensuring that all generations of wifi clients can connect to the network. For best performance, though, one should ensure that all devices operate at the latest standards.

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