Remote Working Tech

Posted on: 01st of April 2020

With restrictions on travel and site/office based work affecting many sectors and in many countries around the globe, being able to efficiently work from home is highly important.

Wired-Up AV can assist with setup for remote working including dial-in network access; cloud collaboration; file access; telephone redirection and integration; and video meetings / video conferencing.

We now have a Poly Studio available for on-site demos so that clients can assess the improved quality that a professional conferencing solution can offer. This connects to a computer via USB and supports Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and pretty much any other software based conferencing platform. A high quality camera and microphone array combined with sophisticated processing means that participants in your meeting or webinar experience far better sound and video, ensuring that your message is easily understood.

For remote file sharing, cloud platforms often offer the most cost effective and easily scalable solution. But where these can’t be used for compliance or security reasons, or to support other networked services, we can provide high performance VPN solutions, for which we would typically use Mikrotik or Meraki hardware.

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