High-performance, reliable networking for homes and businessess.

Why wired?

Modern homes contain a huge amount of network capable equipment, from laptops and phones to TVs, washing machines, intercoms and more. Whilst most devices support wifi, it is imperative to remember that your wifi network is only as good as the wired network supporting it. Furthermore, the more congested the wifi atmosphere becomes, the more performance and reliability deteriorate.

We install wired and wireless networks of commercial grade to ensure that all the systems depending on them work flawlessly.

Our wired networks use CAT6a, CAT6 and fibre as appropriate and are fully certified to guarantee performance of the infrastructure.

Which systems?

We have standardised on Cisco switches and Mikrotik routers. This combination has worked well for us over the last 9 years with only two failures – both due to lighting strikes on the same night!

For wifi, we use Ruckus or Ubiquiti depending on the application.

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