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We believe that a home-cinema should be an immersive environment where you can enjoy the movie in all it’s splendour without distraction. Video, audio and control should come together to provide a special experience.

Wired-Up AV has built a number of media and cinema rooms up to approximately £100k in value, incorporating calibrated projectors, TVs, acoustic treatment, luxury seating and various sound system configurations.

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A properly designed and configured surround-sound system is what makes a home-cinema truly immersive. We design sound systems to accurately reproduce the recorded material within a natural and realistic soundscape. We specify from a huge variety of speakers and amplifiers, processors or av receivers.

Acoustic treatment goes hand in hand with the sound system design, as a poorly designed room will ruin the performance of your electronics.

Projectors and Screens

We can install fixed or motorised screens, with or without tensioning and masking systems. There are a number of manufacturers producing projectors suitable for home cinema use and we can recommend a projector for pretty much any budget.


LCD and OLED Displays

Projectors are no longer the only option for large displays – OLED and LCD monitors are now available up to 100″ diagonal in a single panel! The benefits of using a display panel over a projector are mostly seen in multi-purpose rooms where ambient light is an issue and on-board boats and yachts.


We have a direct relationship with Cineak, a Belgian manufacturer of high quality and bespoke cinema seating. With a huge range of styles, configurations, fabrics and leathers, there is sure to be a design for you.

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