Crestron Sonnex

Sonnex is a class-of-its-own audio distribution system for high-end residential.

It supports up to 24 inputs feeding 74 zones of 140W per channel @ 8ohms or up to 400W per channel bridged into 8 ohms. This is a serious amount of power and makes a huge difference to the perceived audio quality – because you are rarely pushing the amplifiers, distortion is much lower than with many other systems.

All zones feature full equalisation and individual fault-monitoring, plus optional dynamic range control.

The Sonnex system is unique in that the central processor connects to its 8-zone expanders over shielded CAT5 or fibre. This presents a huge labour and cable cost saving compared to individual audio interconnects, as well as offering better quality (reduced noise/interference and no chance of ground loops). These savings can be even greater if used to distribute the amplifiers around a property, reducing speaker cable lengths.

Sonnex has no built-in playback capabilties, so we would usually pair it with Sonos, Linn DS or Autonomic Mirage music servers as part of a full Crestron home automation system.

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