Crestron Digital Media and NVX

DigitalMedia and NVX are class leading video distribution systems.

DigitalMedia or DM supports transmission over CATx cable, fibre, IP stream, HDMI, DVI and more, supporting distances of up to 12km. Frame sizes start at 8×8 and go all the way up to 128×128.

Traditional DM switches and distributes raw video at up to 4k 4:4:4 60Hz HDR. It incorporates extensive signal management capabilities, meaning that it is faster than any similar system.

NVX is Crestron’s video-over-IP system, supporting up to 4K 4:4:4 60Hz HDR over 1Gb IP networks. It uses standard multi-cast protocols for distribution, so streams can be sent over existing corporate networks and/or using your preferred network hardware.

Video is encoded using PixelPerfect(TM) processing, offering image quality that is almost indistinguishably close to the original signal and certainly superior to many competing systems.

350/351/351 series encoders/decoders incorporate scaling features and switch streams almost instantly. They will shortly all offer Dante/AES67 audio support for integration with DSP sound processing systems.

D30/E30 series encoders/decoders offer the same picture quality and management features at a lower price point.

Unlike many IP systems, the devices are available in a card format, allowing 8 devies to be mounted into 2 rack units.



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