IP CCTV System Installation

We offer a consultative approach to CCTV, advising you which products are needed to meet your requirements.
For example, are cameras to be used to facial identification and/or evidence or is the system more about peace-of-mind and deterrance? Do some or all cameras need to work at night time? Which parts of the property are most vulnerable?

Our range of hardware extends from simple analogue systems with up to 4 cameras, to IP systems supporting many cameras and multiple monitoring stations.



The chinese brand Hikvision has gained immense popularity since they came to market a few years ago, due to the combination of great image quality with superb value.

We can install a 4 camera multi-megapixel IP system (over Full HD) for less than the cost of a 4 channel analogue system.


Industry leaders in the surveilance space, Avigilon offer a range of cameras for every situation, coupled with superb software for monitoring and analytics.

Cameras range from the ultra-miniature Micro Dome to the JPEG2000 Professional series, offering up to 29MP resolution and using Canon SLR lenses for a wide range of focal lengths.

Please give us a call to arrange a meeting and site survey, where we will be happy to discuss your project without obligation.

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