In conjunction with our supplier, we are able for a short time – until 26th May and subject to stock availability – to offer a £120 discount on all Sony AG9 Master Series OLEDs. Free shipping is included.

The 55″, 65″and 75″ AG9 Master Series OLED TVs are all covered by this offer.

With restrictions on travel and site/office based work affecting many sectors and in many countries around the globe, being able to efficiently work from home is highly important.

Wired-Up AV can assist with setup for remote working including dial-in network access; cloud collaboration; file access; telephone redirection and integration; and video meetings / video conferencing.

We now have a Poly Studio available for on-site demos so that clients can assess the improved quality that a professional conferencing solution can offer. This connects to a computer via USB and supports Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and pretty much any other software based conferencing platform. A high quality camera and microphone array combined with sophisticated processing means that participants in your meeting or webinar experience far better sound and video, ensuring that your message is easily understood.

For remote file sharing, cloud platforms often offer the most cost effective and easily scalable solution. But where these can’t be used for compliance or security reasons, or to support other networked services, we can provide high performance VPN solutions, for which we would typically use Mikrotik or Meraki hardware.

We hope that all our customers and web site visitors are healthy and coping well with the coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions that have been implemented by the UK government (and others around the world).

Firstly, we would like to make clear that we fully understand the potential severity of a un-checked pandemic and support the government’s decision to enforce social distancing and close businesses most likely to support spread of the virus.

We would also like to state that we are doing our part to reduce the impact of the pandemic by carrying out as much work as possible remotely. This has included delaying some projects and carrying out some programming/commissioning work remotely that might otherwise have been done on site. Where we have had to attend sites we have insisted upon isolated working and carried out pre/post contact cleaning along with regular handwashing.

Government Policy

Some of Wired-Up AV’s work can play an important role in facilitating work from home, financial activities and communication with the outside world including reception of news / broadcast media. This is because our systems generally include provision of networking and internet access and distribution of audio-visual broadcasts. The government has advised that businesses providing these services should remain open and operational.

Further to the above current guidance specifies that work carried out in people’s homes can continue so long as:

  1. The tradesperson is well and displays no coronavirus symptoms, however mild
  2. The household is not isolating due to one of their members exhibiting symptoms
  3. The household is not shielding a vulnerable person

In the case of 2 and 3, essential work directly impacting the safety of the household subject to the agreement of the tradesperson and ensuring the necessary precautions are taken.

It has also been advised that construction work can continue, again subject to the necessary precautions.

The government has however ordered that people should only travel to work when absolutely necessary and should work from home wherever possible.

Our Position

Bearing in mind all of the guidance and our own view on supporting our customers, our position at present is as follows:

Our supply chain is operational and all suppliers report generally good stock levels. All have issued statements confirming that they too are complying with the current guidance and regulations, with only a necessary skeleton staff on site to fulfil orders etc. Whilst there may be individual cases of delays/non-availability, we are for the most part able to fulfil our orders and continue projects as normal in this respect.

This statement is subject to review as and when guidance and regulations are updated.


HH Electronics have updated their Tessen MP range to become the TNI / Tessen Install series of loudspeakers.

The new range includes speakers in various configurations including a 4×3″ column format speaker, single or double 6″ or 8″ compact background music / fill speakers and larger format 12/15″ models.

For more information see and/or give us a call to arrange a demo or quotation.

We have recently completed a home cinema featuring a Dynaudio surround sound system.

The system is in a 7.1 configuration and uses:

Driven by an Arcam AVR-550 with Dirac Live processing, and comprehensive acoustic treatment to the walls and ceilings, the system sounds extremely impressive. We are very much looking forward to the next one!

The AV industry has been affected significantly by the currency instability following the EU referendum. A number of our suppliers have announced price increases as result. Control4, Crestron, Dynaudio and Linn have notably remained unaffected, with Crestron actually announcing some price decreases.

Where possible we have secured project pricing for confirmed work.

We are pleased to announce that we will shortly begin construction of a small demonstration facility. The small cinema will also function as our design office and will include high quality home cinema with surround sound (with full sound proofing and acoustic treatment) and projection as well as showcasing some of our automation capabilities.

The facility will take shape over the next few months as we will be prioritising our current commitments. Viewing will be by appointment – give us a call to arrange a visit!

Dynaudio’s new Emit M10 bookshelf speaker has recently beaten two rivals to win a group test of £500 hi-fi speakers in What Hi-Fi magazine.

Comments included:

The Emit range includes the M10 and M20 stand mounters, M30 floor stander and M15C centre channel speaker. All are available direct from the factory in under a week and in black or white finishes.

Call us to order yours!

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